Dangerous Goods Transport Conditions

Wondering what you can pack and how large or heavy it can be? Don’t worry!
Here, we explain everything you need to know about carry-on and checked-in luggage.

Dangerous Goods

While flying Blue Air, we kindly ask you to respect the ban on carrying any of the materials and substances listed below. This helps us to ensure the safety of yourself and your fellow passengers.

Prohibited materials and substances include:

  • Flammable or highly combustible materials, which pose a threat to passengers, crew or the integrity of the aircraft. Some examples would be ammunition, gases (or pressure containers filled with gas), flammable liquid fuels, fireworks, alcohol exceeding 70%, acetone, etc.
  • Any substances marked as being chemical or toxic - such as alkalis, acids, corrosive and/or bleaching substances, incapacitating sprays (usually used for self-defense), radioactive materials, and poisons.
  • Biological threats, which include infectious hazardous materials such as contaminated blood, viruses, bacteria.

About Bucharest

Not everything is suitable for putting into the hold. We recommend you keep the following items with you at all times: medicine, cash and credit cards, personal ID, insurance policies, contracts and other important documents, jewelry, fragile items and electronic devices (laptops, cameras, chargers).

At Blue Air, we want to ensure everyone’s safety and comfort! For this reason, the following items are forbidden in the security restricted area or the passenger cabin of the plane:

Electronic cigarettes

  • You can carry electronic cigarettes such as e-cigars and other vaporizers (containing batteries) in your carry-on baggage only. These are not allowed in the checked-in baggage, as they pose a potential risk to other people’s belongings or even the integrity of the aircraft. Please note that the use of electronic cigarettes (including recharging them and/or batteries) is not permitted on board the plane.

Spare batteries and charging units

  • It may not seem like much of a threat, but we like to take every precautionary measure to ensure you have a safe flight. That is why items which have the primary purpose as being a power source, such as: lithium metal or lithium ion cells, batteries, power banks, etc. must be individually protected by placing them in their original retail packaging or by insulating their terminals. These can only be placed in your carry-on baggage. Recharging batteries during your flight is not permitted.

There may be other items which are not suitable to check into the hold. If you’re unsure, please contact a member of our Blue Air team.

Firearms and other weapons

  • This may seem obvious, but it’s best to be clear. By “firearms and other weapons” we refer to any item capable, or appearing to be capable, of firing a projectile or causing injury to yourself or the other people. This includes:
    • Any firearm (pistols, revolvers, hunting guns, shotguns, etc.) or replicas/imitations of firearms
    • Parts or sections of firearms
    • Anything airsoft: air pistols, air rifles, pellet guns and ball bearing guns
    • Flare pistols
    • Industrial bolt and nail guns
    • Crossbows, slings and spear guns
    • Stun guns or any weapon that can cause an electric shock
    • Cigarette lighters shaped like a firearm


Sharp or pointed weapons

  • Again, this may seem obvious. Please make sure you don’t arrive at the airport with the following:
    • Cutthroat razors and razor-blades
    • Small/large axes
    • Arrows and darts
    • Hooks, harpoons and spears
    • Icepicks and ice-skates
    • Knives, including ceremonial knives, with blades longer than 6 cm, of metal or any other hard material capable of being used as weapons
    • Meat cleaver, hatchets, machetes
    • Sabers, swords and swordsticks
    • Ski and walking/hiking poles
    • Throwing stars (shuriken) – no ninjas!
    • Scalpels, scissors with blades longer than 6cm


Blunt objects

  • Please try to avoid the following objects, which can cause injury:
    • Baseball and softball bats
    • Clubs or batons – rigid or flexible – e.g. truncheons, night sticks and batons
    • Cricket bats
    • Lacrosse sticks
    • Kayak and canoe paddles
    • Skateboards
    • Billiard cues
    • Fishing rods
    • Martial arts equipment
    • Umbrellas


We hope we’ve given you a clear explanation of these restrictions and that you now have a better understanding of why they are imposed. If you still have any questions, we urge you to call our team at the Blue Air Call Center. They will be happy to help.