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About Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is the capital of the region Central Macedonia and it was first established in 316 BC by Kassandros and named after his wife, Thessalonike, half-sister of Alexander the Great. The name Thessaloniki means "Thessalian Victory". It was the second most important city of the Byzantine Empire, next to Constantinople. Thessaloniki is a town with rich history and an exciting present.

The city is bustling with life and movement. Large avenues, parks and squares provide nice green spaces, and trees line the commercial streets. There are old houses and Neoclassical buildings that stand side by side with modern constructions. The people of Thessaloniki are known for their friendliness and hospitality throughout Greece.

The city is also known for its great cuisine. No one can resist the tasteful sweets, delicious pies, or numerous taverns that offer special Greek dishes. No one can resist a town like Thessaloniki!

Fountains in Thessaloniki
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Good to know

Public Transport

You can cover most of the distances in the city by foot or using the local buses. Tickets can be bought either at the kiosks or from the vending machines on the bus. If you buy the ticket on the bus, remember to have coins. All tickets must be validated and are useable for 70 minutes. Different kind of day passes are also available.


230 V, 50 Hz

City connections

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