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Travel Agents


Latest update: 17 June 2020

Dear Partners,

As part of Blue Air’s transformation strategy, we have recently migrated to a new reservation system that, once fully implemented, will offer you more convenience when booking Blue Air services and ensure a smooth and seamless travel experience for our passengers.

Given the magnitude of this project not all sales channels and functionalities will be available in the next coming days. Let us assure you we are working hard to enable your access to the Agency Portal as soon as possible so we can all share in the benefits of the new reservation system; in the meantime we encourage you to use the website, both for creating new bookings (only credit card payment will be available as form of payment) and for modifying past bookings, with travel dates later than the 10th of June 2020.

The new reservation system allowed us to integrate a new fare families structure, with a selection of bundles well adapted to the current environment’s priorities and travel prerequisites: safety, value and flexibility.

Therefore, Blue Air renames its fare families, into: LIGHT, EXPRESS and COMFORT, with the following services included:

We have consolidated some frequently asked questions below. If you can’t find what you need, please reach out to us using the below contact lines, although we expect a higher than usual customer interaction volumes and consequently longer waiting times:

Tel: 0040 21 2088600

Dedicated email address: [email protected]

We appreciate your ongoing support and we will revert with relevant updates once available.
Your Blue Air Team

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why did Blue Air migrate to a new reservation system?

Migrating to the new reservation system will enable us to simplify the booking and check-in processes, as well as to automate many manual operations.

2. Will I be able to access the Agency Portal after the migration process is completed? 

The public website will be the only active channel once the migration will be completed. We are making all the efforts to allocate the needed resources to finish the Travel Agent’s set up in the new system environment so we can enable your access to the Agency Portal as soon as possible. We will keep you informed about the new Log In procedure.

3. Why am I not able to utilize my prepaid account?

The top up of your prepaid accounts will be suspended until further notice; we are working diligently to ensure your access to the current prepaid credit amount and will inform you as soon as we have migrated the accounts in the new reservation system.

4. I made a booking with a travel date after the migration date (10th of June 2020). Is this booking still valid?

Confirmed & paid bookings, as well as the additional services you may have purchased remain valid; they have been registered in the new reservation system and will be honored as they were booked.

5. I need to change a booking made before the migration; how can I do this?

   a) The booking has segments for travel dates later than 10th of June 2020 (irrespective of the sales channel, agency portal or GDS): These bookings were migrated in the new reservation system and are available for view or booking management (changes, adding SSRs) by retrieving it on the website, no agency log in will be needed.
   b) The booking has segments for travel dates before the 10th of June 2020 (irrespective of the sales channel, agency portal or GDS): These bookings were not migrated in the new reservation system in this phase of the process; in order to re-protect the passengers on other available flights, we are kindly asking you to provide us the booking references (PNRs) for which you would like to apply this measure, centralized as per below, to the email address: [email protected]

Username (IATA for GDS) PNR (Booking Reference) New Travel Dates New Route

6. Which PNR reference (booking code) should be used for bookings made prior to the migration date (10th of June 2020)?

You will use the confirmed PNR reference (booking code) as received in the booking confirmation, at the time of booking, jointly with the last name of the passenger.

7. How can I make reservations during the period when the access to the agency portal is unavailable?

The only option currently available is to make reservations on the public website, without logging in.

8. How ca I request the invoices for the bookings created on the public website, without logging in?

Please centralize all the booking references (PNRs) for which you would like to receive the invoices and send us the list to the dedicated e-mail address [email protected], including the Registration Number of your company, using the email subject: Invoice Request.

9. How can I request voucher/credit for bookings with cancelled flight?

The credit options that we will apply in relation with our B2B partners, in the context of the new technical implementations are still being analyzed, reason why we are not colleting this type of requests. We will come back to you with details regarding the applicable workflow.

10. When will I receive the money back for the reservations for which I requested a refund?

Starting with March, due to the international flight restrictions, Blue Air suspended its regular operations, reducing its activity by over 90%.

Blue Air will resume regular flights starting July 1st and the relaunch will allow us to unblock the management of refund requests.