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When choosing travel destinations, people seek what they don’t usually experience back home: slower relaxing pace, more freedom, a nice scenery or spending time with family.

If you’ve ever wished you could flip a switch and slow down the world choose a place in “Old Europe”. Small villages or untouched places by touristic rumour? Art and architecture dominate cities, but venture into the wilds and you’ll discover rock towers, soaring arches, and cathedrals of ice that inspired ancient civilizations.

We pinned down the unique places in Europe for you, so dive into our info and choose what you feel suits you better.

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viscri blue air

Viscri, Transylvania, Romania

Renowned for its traditional Saxon aspect, this 12th century German-build village in Transylvania is one of Europe's best-preserved medieval towns. Today, tourists can discover this rural jewel of Europe due to the combined efforts of many people including Britain's Prince Charles, whose investment put this village on your European travel bucket list. Travel by horse-drawn carts hundreds of years back in time and discover a charming place where shepherds tend their flocks and village blacksmiths forge horseshoes, all whilst the 12th-century Viscri Fortified Church still stands protectively over the town.

garfagnana blue air

Garfagnana, Tuscany, Italy

This land that time seems to have forgotten about is one of the most charming and nostalgic spots in all of Europe – located only an hour away from Florence, Garfagnana's cobblestoned pedestrian-only streets meander and small hilltop villages are a tourist’s ideal destination. Artisans, farmers and even artists carry on age-old family traditions such as producing pecorino cheese and chestnut flower honey and, even if they're producing renowned Tuscan specialties, many of the locals don’t even have cell phones! So, let yourself bewitched by this land cut off from the rest of the world.

Idanha-a-Velha Blue Air

Idanha-a-Velha, Portugal

Once the home of over 200.000 Roman residents (previously called Egitanea), this tiny hamlet of just 150 people stands at the remote eastern edge of Portugal as an immortal historical city. Follow in the steps of time itself, even though few have heard of it, and discover the ruins and landmarks which make Idanha a national monument today.


gargano blue air

Gargano National Park, Italy

Gargano National Park has best of both worlds: the scenic aspect which mirrors the most well-known national park in the country, Cinque Terre, and the gorgeous cliff-side villages of the packed Amalfi Coast! This amazing national park has a little something to offer to any tourist with its dazzling wetlands, valleys dotted with wild orchids and wild woodlands in the Foresta Umbra. Located in Puglia, Gargano National Park’s rocky coastline with its white limestone cliffs which meet the blue waters of the Adriatic is a must-see vacation destination.

Sarek National Park blue air

Sarek National Park, Sweden

Sweden brings to the world an otherworldly strip of untamed beauty, the Sarek National Park! Even more charming than Tyresta National Park (an easy day trip from Stockholm) or the Fulufjallet where the country's tallest waterfall resides, Sarek National Park has an endearing allure due to its natural inaccessibility by car, whilst having no marked trails. Thus, a map and compass are essential in this outdoor adventure since the park contains nearly 100 glaciers, including the country's most easily ascended 2,000-meter summit, Barddetjahkka.

Peneda Geres National Park

Peneda Geres National Park, Portugal

If megastructures from the past interest you when traveling to a new country, then look no further than Peneda Geres National Park in Portugal. Beyond castles like Laboreiro or monasteries such as Santa Maria dos Pitoes for all the history-buffs to enjoy, you can cross this park via bike and get a glimpse of dazzling remnants from earlier eras like megalithic tombs and old Roman roads.

National Park, Finland blue air

Archipelago National Park, Finland

An UNESCO Biosphere reservation located in the Baltic Sea off the southwest coast of Finland. The location can be reached by ferry, taxi boat, kayak, rented motor or sailboat. The larger islands have villages where cattle and sheep still graze, while some of the smaller ones are rocky islets.


viscri blue air

As Catedrais Beach, Spain

Or Playa de las Catedrales, is a beach known for its unique caves and arches carved by the tides. When the tide is low you can explore the natural architecture created by the sea.

irlanda moher air

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

A mixture of fear and adrenaline define the sentiment when you first get to Moher Rocks. Stretching across 8km along the Atlantic coast of West Ireland you will enjoy a mixture of heights and wonderful landscapes. The road from Dublin to the rocks will reveal the beauty of Ireland.

jasmund-forest blue air

Ancient Beech Forests, Germany

The virgin forests will make you feel what Europe was like thousands of years ago, when beach forests blanketed much of the continent. You will experience unique landscape in the beautiful German parks Jasmund or Muritz.

blue-grotto blue air

Blue Grotto, Italy

When visiting this natural wonder you will picture yourself in a fairy tale. This unique cave offers a hidden world of gorgeous colours, due to light particles that slip through the cave’s underwater holes which give the water a blue shimmery glow.

fingal-cave blue air

Fingal’s Cave, Scotland

Nature surprises us at each step, but in Fingal's Cave you will be blown away by massive basalt columns. Even if getting here is hard, the effort is the price of admission to this incredible natural wonder.


Brimham Rocks, England

Rock formations emerged from a marsh, strange rocks, dug by ice through the centuries. Marvel at gravity-defying formations called the Dancing Bear, for sure this will test your balance.

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