Asnwers for frequently asked questions Blue Wallet

The amount loaded in the Wallet is available for further use for a period of 24 months from the date of the transfer.

No, it is not. The owner of the Wallet can use the available amount in order to purchase services for other persons too.

Yes, the amount available in the Wallet can be used for multiple acquisitions.

Yes, if the amount available in the Wallet is not enough to cover the entire cost of the services booked, the difference shall be paid by card, directly on the website, in the very last step of the booking process.

The owner of the Wallet can make use of an additional form of payment in order to cover the difference between the booking amount and the available amount in the Wallet.

Yes, the owner of the Wallet can use the available amount in the Wallet for the acquisition of any scheduled flight operated by Blue Air, on any travel date published at the time of booking.

The amount available in the Wallet is redeemable on all direct digital channels of Blue Air - the official website,

No, all the vouchers issued prior to the 10th of June are no longer available, new voucher series were sent for each unused amount of the previously issued vouchers, and only the newly issued vouchers are eligible for being topped up in the Wallet.

No, they will not. New Voucher IDs will be received, and the customer needs to add their value into the Wallet previously created on

Yes, the total unused booking value will be transferred into a single Voucher ID.

No, the amounts are not transferrable from one Wallet to another.

Yes, the Wallet can be uploaded with the value of each Voucher ID issued by Blue Air for the canceled bookings by clicking the “Have a voucher?” button available in the customer account. By clicking the “Have a voucher?” button, the customer is asked to introduce the voucher ID number in order to top up the Wallet with the afferent value associated to the voucher.

The Voucher value represents the remaining amount associated to the unutilized services corresponding to the cancelled flight(s) in the respective booking.

No, the detailed information is not currently available.

Yes, the amount available in the Wallet can be used on any fare type, even on the promo levels.

Quick and easy: just a click on Blue Air member and follow the instructions.