Aviation School for Certified Pilots

Approved Training Organization, or shortly known as ATO, was born from the desire to train future pilot generations, to help them embrace the aviation industry and to be able to take the passengers towards new adventures. The organization was founded in 2011 and up until now, numerous students have enrolled to and successfully graduated these courses, obtaining their own pilot license.

Whether they wanted to follow up their childhood dream of becoming a pilot, or they have already gained several years of experience in this field, one thing’s for sure: all of them embraced the passion for flying and they searched for the right aviation academy in Bucharest.

Dedicated and well-organized courses, flight simulator where students can practise everything they learned, trainers with over 20 years of experience in the field and up to 10.000 hours of flight, as well as numerous other facilities and resources – all of these have contributed to the foundation of a student-oriented organization, which provides them the right environment, favourable for learning and developing the right skills.

The first step you have to make when you come to ATO Blue Air is to choose the type of airplane you are interested in. We provide flight courses on CL-generation airplanes, 737-300, -400 and -500, and on NG-generation airplanes, 737-600, -700, -800 and -900.

Then, you chose the type of flight course, depending on your needs. If you want to become a commercial pilot, then go for the Initial Type Rating courses. The Renewal and Refresher Type Rating courses are for those who have already gained several years of experience as pilots, whereas the TRI/SFI ones are for those interested in becoming trainers themselves.

The B737 CL & NG Courses are designed for PIC, F/O and TRI/SFI and they are as follows:

  • Boeing 737 300 – 900
    • Type Rating B737 300-900 Initial
    • Type Rating B737 300-900 Renewal
  • B737 CL & NG TRI(A)/SFI(A)
    • TRI (Type Rating Instructor) /SFI (Synthetic Flight Instructor) B737 300-900 Initial

Type Rating B737 300-900 Initial

These ones are designed and adapted according to the students’ needs, in order to gain the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge.

Experience requirements and prerequisites for the issue of class or type ratings – aeroplanes:

- have at least 70 hours of flight experience as PIC in aeroplanes;
- hold or have held a multi-engine IR(A);
- hold a valid ATPL(A) theoretical knowledge examinations certificate issued in accordance with Part-FCL;
- hold a valid Class I medical certificate;
- Hold a certificate of satisfactory completion of Advance Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) in accordance with FCL.745.A. (in force from the 19th Dec 2019);
- hold an English language proficiency level 4 certificate according to ICAO requirements;

Course Content:

- Theoretical Training of Aircraft Systems and Performance on B-737 airplane
- Mock-up Training (SOP’s) – 8 sessions
- Simulator Training – 11 FFS sessions*
- LVO Simulator training – 1 FFS session
- Skill test – 1 FFS session
- Flight training on a B-737 airplane

*For unexperienced pilots on jet-airplanes

The airplane training includes take-off and landings as follows:

A. at least four landings in the case of MPAs where the student pilot has more than 500 hours of MPA experience in aeroplanes of similar size and performance or, in all other cases, at least six landings;

B. at least one full-stop landing; and

C.one go-around with all engines operating

Type Rating B737 300-900 Renewal

This type of course is dedicated to those interested in renewing their expired B737 Type Rating certificate.


- Valid ATPL or CPL (ATPL theory) certificate
- Valid ME/IR certificate
- Expired B737 Type Rating certificate

In order to renew the expired B737 Type Rating certificate, the applicant shall:

1. follow a refresher training determined on a case-by-case basis by the ATO according to AMC1 FCL.740(b) requirements and include:

a) theoretical knowledge systems review and examination

b) 1,2 or 3 Full flight simulator training sessions, depending on time elapsed

2. pass a proficiency check in accordance with PART FCL, Appendix 9

Course duration: 5-6 working days

Boeing B737 CL & NG TRI(A)/SFI(A)

An applicant for a TRI certificate shall:

(a) hold an ATPL pilot licence on Boeing 737 aircraft category;

(b) for a TRI(MPA) certificate:

- have completed 1 500 hours flight time as a pilot on multi-pilot aeroplanes; and

- have completed, within the 12 months preceding the date of application, 30 route sectors, including take-offs and landings, as PIC or co-pilot on the applicable aeroplane type, of which 15 sectors may be completed in an FFS representing that type

Course Content:

- Theoretical knowledge instruction:

- Teaching and learning (3 days)

- Technical theoretical knowledge training - Type related (2 day)

- Simulator Training – 3 FFS sessions (3 days)

- - Skill test – 1 FFS session (1 day)

Course duration: 9 working days

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Blue Air ATO is located close to the airport, the hotel and one of the biggest shopping centres in Bucharest, which made me feel very comfortable when I arrived in Bucharest after 7 years in the UAE. The facilities are clean and well sourced in terms of PCs, iPads and internet. Full access to mockup and study room is available 24/7. I particularly enjoyed the ground course with Cpt Plecita who gave us full flexibility to run and learn the CBT at our own pace, but I never felt alone there. Undivided attention and many opportunities to ask questions were given all the time. Excellent opportunity to practice and study during the ground school modules. The mockup exercises were promoting a practical application which were incredibly useful for the following simulator training with Cpt Calonianu. The team of instructors I met during my experience at Blue Air ATO were kind and friendly. Even though we were a group of 6, I received almost a tailored course and individual attention all the time. I was really happy and comfortable during the ground course, as I felt that the instructors were there for me and with their decades of knowledge of experience, they provided excellent feedback and attention with everything we needed at that time.

Silvia P.

Well-structured courses in a friendly environment. Staff always ready to help and available. Support material and additional readings related easy to access. Very intense in terms of time and subject covered.

Roberto B.

Hello! I would like to congratulate the entire Blue Air ATO team for their effort and professionalism shown towards their students. Very good planning and organization of the Type Rating courses; a very well-developed and structured mock-up, in terms of procedures and flows. A professional and well-organized teaching simulator, and the courses are full of new information tailored to each student.

Catalin Z.