Flight tickets to Belgium



General information

  • Capital: Brussels
  • Political governance: Constitutional Federal Parliament Monarchy
  • Member of European Union and Schengen
  • Population: 11.3 million
  • Official language: Dutch, French, German
  • Currency: Euro (EUR)
  • Time zone: UTC + 1, Summer time zone: UTC + 2
  • Belgium is one hour backward Romanian time zone
  • Phone prefix: +32, Internet domain: .be

Natural setting

Belgium is positioned in the western Europe, being surrounded by Netherlands, Germany, Luxemburg and France, and has an opening to the Northern Sea. This country has a complex landform and an impressive touristic potential due to its forests and tens of kilometers of coast.

There are three main regions in Belgium: Flandra, in the north, where the Dutch community lives, Valonia, in the south, where French is the most common language, and the bilingual area in the capital – Brussels. Any of these destinations you would choose, be ready for multiple touristic points and beautiful corners of nature.

The coast area offers a relaxing space created by the sea and the beach, from where colorful kites are flown. There are multiple resorts, with its own characteristics, and the days are always full. You may rent bikes or boats, go fishing or horse riding.

In the south-east Belgium, you will discover Ardeni mountain region, a wild natural zone, with fast rivers, forests and beautiful villages, where the tradition is still maintained.

Good to know:

The locals in Belgium acknowledge people fully on every meeting, so no matter the occasion they greet relatives and friends with a triple kiss on the cheeks, or by shaking hands with more distant acquaintances.

Shopkeepers, petrol stations attendants, waiters and so on expect at least a hello/goodbye, otherwise they will think of you as being rude or up to something not good.


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Be eco-friendly

The love and care of the environment have quickly grown in Belgium over the last 20 years, both for regular people and government officials.

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When in Belgium, you can expect for people to switch languages during a conversation, so you can start a conversation with a person in French, finish it in English and get the answer in Dutch.

This is because some of them have a better understanding of a certain language and switching helps them articulate what they want to say quickly.

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Beer lovers

Belgium takes its brews and glassware seriously!

Thus, for every over 1.000 different national and local beers on offer, there exists at least an original glass which is designed to make sure the flavors are in peak when savored.