Telekom si Blue Air te trimit in vacanta

Telekom and Blue Air are sending you on holiday with a smartphone and money to fly on!

Say goodbye to compromise! This summer you can have it all: the hottest holiday and a super smartphone to snapshot yourself in the best locations and to post yourself all over the internet.

Come to Telekom and get any Samsung with Unlimited 4G NET for real and you get 100 Euros discount voucher to Blue Air.

Terms and conditions to use the vouchers

1. The vouchers cannot be cumulated (you can use only one voucher per booking). Only one voucher can be used to purchase Blue Air tickets and services, for 2 travel segments: one round-trip ticket or 2 one-way tickets, either departure or return.

2. If the voucher owner wants to purchase more flight tickets for which to use more than one voucher, then he must purchase each flight ticket individually (in different purchase sessions).

3. A flight ticket contains 2 travel segments, just as they are defined in paragraph 1. and all other additional Blue Air services selected by the voucher owner during the booking process.

4. The voucher can only be used once.

5. The voucher can cover the entire amount of the flight ticket; flight ticket as defined in paragraph 3.

6. In case the amount of the purchased flight ticket is lower than the nominal value of the voucher, which is 100 EUR, the remaining amount cannot be reused later.

7. In case the amount of the purchased flight ticket is higher than the nominal value of the voucher, which is 100 EUR, the voucher owner will have to pay the cost difference.

8. The voucher cannot be used for the payment of costs generated by changes to already processed Blue Air bookings (date or name changes, adding services etc.).

9. The travel period for the Blue Air flights to which one can apply the vouchers is between 12 November 2019 and 31 May 2020.

10. The voucher can be used on any route regularly operated by Blue Air, except:

- Territorial Continuity flights operated in Italy;
- Charter flights;
- Code-share flights.

11. The list of flights regularly operated by Blue Air available at 19.04.2019 can be found here.

12. The voucher owner can transfer the voucher(s) to other persons, but once the transferred vouchers are used, any changes to the name, date or destination mentioned in the booking will be subjected to the rules and regulations applied to all Blue Air tickets, which are also mentioned in the Travel Conditions published on the Blue Air website.

13. The nominal value of a voucher is 100 EUR. The validity period of a voucher is between 12 November 2019 and 05 December 2019.

The voucher is in the form of a unique alpha-numeric code, containing 17 characters.

The voucher owners (unique codes) have the following usage methods available:
- Online, on our website
- Through the Call Center, at 0903760130 (available non-stop, tariff 0.62 EUR/min, phone number available in Romania);
- At one of our Blue Air ticketing points (Blue Air agencies), the list is available on our website, in the Agencies section.

For more details regarding how to use the voucher, you can send an email to: [email protected], the maximum period for receiving an answer being 72 working hours from the moment we receive your request.

This offer is available only for Telekom Romania customers.