Alliances and Partnerships Manager

Commercial Department


• Education: Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Business, Aviation or Tourism. • Experience: Minimum of 5 years working experience in airlines, OTAs or GDS, with relevant experience in Alliances, Network, Distribution or Revenue Management department. • Languages: English


• Establish and develop strategic relationships with airlines and other transportation modes to expand Blue Air distribution and network, by means of traditional codeshare/interline agreements and modern virtual interlining framework. • Establish and develop strategic partnerships with new revenue sources and third-party ancillary providers (insurances, hotels, car rentals, transfers, tours and experiences, etc.) • Define enhancements to improve visibility and conversion of third-party ancillaries without damaging the conversion of flights and additional services offered directly by Blue Air. • Promote new ways to partner with airlines and define plans to engage them to codeshare or interline with Blue Air, prioritizing those organizations that bring higher value to the company. • Identify key airlines to support Blue Air distribution and network strategy by market. • Understand the strategic plan, the needs, and the way of taking decisions for each airline partner. • Grow and develop business with existing airline partners, while maximizing routes profitability. • Define the optimal class-mapping and agree pricing with partner carriers for the markets under agreement. • Define processes and procedures to ensure improved customer experience for passengers connecting with Blue Air partners. • Establish reprotection agreements in case of disruptions. • Develop strategies to increase cross-selling with airline partners. • Ensure right communication with airline partners. • Ensure proper processes and capabilities for revenues settlement. • Define metrics and build dashboards to improve the monitoring of the performance of any partnership. • Maintain and enhance the infrastructure to partner with airlines. • Work closely with IT and vendors to identify technical improvements and prioritize the roadmap of Blue Air’s Virtual Interline platform. • Develop new ZED agreements and maintain Blue Air MyIDTravel platform. • Participate in IATA meetings and represent Blue Air whenever necessary. • Run research and benchmarks based on internal and external sources to identify opportunities “to always do better”.

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