Cost Controlling Manager

Finance & Accounting


• Academic qualifications: university degree • Experience: minimum 3 years' experience, preferable in a similar role • Knowledge: basic finance & accounting knowledge • Knowledge of PC & Excel skills


• Identify cost structure along with profitability and budgeting functions, analytical accounts, budget owners, cost centers, routes, bases, etc. • Classification of Costs by Cost Categories (Direct and Indirect) • Establishing, together with the profitability and budgeting functions, the criteria for the allocation of indirect costs and the ways of calculating and applying • Inventory and subsequent monitoring of cost-optimization initiatives developed across the entire company • Periodic reporting of the execution stage of cost optimization initiatives and correlation of results with management reports • Ensure the role of aggregator of the information on the generated cash (forecast / actual) and the necessary for the payment • Monitoring the length of debt to financial institutions and other third parties, including taxes and duties • Planning payments based on regular cash flows (weekly, monthly, and yearly) • Informing the CD about the current and forecast situation of the financial position, the expected short-term cash flows, and the company's ability to make the planned payments • Granting Budget Support to Owners in budget execution • Supporting Budget Owners to Prioritize Planned Payments to Avoid Contractual and Legal Risks

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