Distribution Suppliers Manager

Commercial Department


• Education: Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Business, Aviation or Tourism. • Experience: Minimum of 5 years working experience in airlines, OTAs or aggregators, with relevant experience in Sales, Distribution or Information Technology department. • Languages: English


• Establish and develop strategic relationships across distribution partners (GDSs, Aggregators, Metasearchers, Self-Booking Tools and OTAs). • Identify new distribution partners and define plans to engage them to activate Blue Air content, prioritizing those organizations that bring higher value to the company. • Understand the strategic plan, the needs, and the way of taking decisions for each partner in the portfolio of distribution suppliers. • Understand and negotiate commercial agreements with GDS, Metasearchers and OTAs. • Identify key distribution players at POS level. • Grow and develop business with existing distribution partners. • Ensure distribution partners comply with Blue Air regulations and policies. • Ensure Blue Air content is properly displayed in MSE and OTA partners websites. • Promote and coordinate actions with OTAs across the entire global market and other third parties to maximize revenue on API channel while lowering cost of sale. • Develop strategies to increase upselling and ancillary selling via API. • Update and improve API commercial documentation. • Design and improve onboarding processes and documentation to facilitate direct integration of third parties. • Support partners during the development of a direct connection and the day-to-day business. • Define short and long term plans to develop the API channel, including initiatives to improve adoption and to increase overall revenues of the channel, while ensuring alignment with the distribution strategy of the organization. • Define metrics and build dashboards to improve the monitoring of the distribution suppliers and API channel performance. • Work closely with IT to identify technical improvements and prioritize the roadmap of the API channel. • Run research and benchmarks based on internal and external sources to identify opportunities “to always do better”.

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