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General Information

  • Capital: Copenhagen
  • Political system: Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
  • State member of the European Union and the Schengen Area
  • Population:  5.7 million
  • Official language: Danish
  • Currency: Dutch Crown (DKK)
  • Time Zone: UTC + 1, Summer Time: UTC + 2
  • Denmark is one hour behind Romania
  • Phone Prefix: +45, Internet domain: .dk

Natural Setting

Situated in Nothern Europe, Danemark is composed of the Iutlanda Peninsula and an arhipelagio of over 400 islands, 74 of them being inhabited. In addition to these there are also two autumonos teritories, the Feroe Islands, in the North Atlantic, and Greenland, in North America. In relation to the other Scandinavian states, Danmark is positioned in the south, having a temperate climate with warm winters and chilly summers. Overall, the landform is flat, with small altitudes, although it offers stunning natural landscapes.

At 2 hours drive distance from Copenhaga, on the Møn island, you’ll find Møns Klint, a 6 km streching of white cliffs which rise up from the sea. This area is part of the UNESCO biosphere, and besides the amazing flora, here you’ll find a place where you can enjoy the water, far away from the tourist bustle specific to the summer islands of Europe. On many nights, the sky over the Møn island is perfectly serene, so do not forget to look up and enjoy that unique experience.

Also near Copenhagen, at just 15 km away from the Dutch Capital, you can find the Jægersborg Deer Parc, one of the most visited natural area of the country where over 2000 deer live. Other natural areas which are worth noting and visiting in Denmark are Skagen, the most Nothern point of the country and the nearby Råbjerg Mile, a stunning landscape formed from sand dunes (XVI century).

Good to know

Danes may have an ironical way of expressing themselves. They may say, "It's wonderful weather," when it is pouring rain, or "It is a trifle chilly," when it is stifling hot.

Use proper etiquette with Danes. Relaxed, polite manners are appreciated. Women do not smoke in the streets in Denmark. However, they do smoke elsewhere.


traditii danemarca

Don`t be late!

Danes take punctuality very seriously and expect that you will do likewise; call with an explanation if you are delayed. Meetings begin and end punctually.

traditii danemarca

Watch the body language!

Danes do not like to be touched.

traditii danemarca

Take your time.

Dinner is generally long and slow (can be as long as 4-5 hours) with much conversation. Plan to stay at least one hour after a meal ends.

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