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About Naples

The historic city of Naples was founded about 3,000 years ago as Partenope by Greek merchants. Later, the settlement took the name of Palepolis, the old city, and in 475 BC it became Neapolis, the new city. Under various phases of foreign rule, the city developed and grew and then became the capital of the most important of the pre-unification states, the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. The rulers of that Kingdom, the Bourbons, constructed a magnificent palace in nearby Caserta and filled the city with historic structures of all kind.



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Public Transport

The best way to get around Naples and stay sane is to walk. But since the city is quite large, sooner or later you might have to use public transport including bus and metro. It is best to avoid driving because of the heavy traffic.

UNICOCAMPANIA has an integrated fare card system to cover the whole area's public transport network. The card covers 14 different types of transportation. There are also different tourist cards depending on the purpose of your travel. Two of the companies integrated in the fare card are:

ANM (bus)

+39 800 639 525

Metronapoli (metro and funiculars)



City connections


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