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Zaragoza (Spanish and Aragonese, Catalan Saragossa) is Spain's fifth largest city, the capital of the autonomous community of Aragon. It is located between Barcelona, the Basque Country, the Pyrenees Mountains and the central part of Spain.The city's specificity lies in the fact that four different cultures coexist in this city of diversity: Roman Zaragoza, Christian Zaragoza, Moorish (Arab) Zaragoza and Jewish Zaragoza.

Representative buildings remain from each of the important moments of the past. Thus, even today we can admire the Foro, Murallas, Puerto Fluvial, Teatro Romano and Termas de Caesaraugusta from the old Roman city. Some of them have been recently discovered, which means that they are surrounded by all sorts of new blocks and houses that clash with their style.

Zaragoza was chosen to host Expo 2008. With a history of its own, the city is halfway between Barcelona and Madrid and is also very close to the Pyrenees.

Nowadays, the city of Zaragoza is divided in two by the Ebru, with many bridges, such as Puente de piedra, Puente de hierro, Puente de la Almozara, etc.


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Zaragoza, city of museums and palaces

Visit the palaces and museums of Zaragoza: places like the Museo de Tapices Y Capitular De La Seo or the Palace of the Counts of Morata will undoubtedly impress you. Don't miss the Plaza de Los Toros - ”Bullring”, Spain's largest covered building, built in 1900 for the famous bullfighting shows.

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Perfect mix: churches and good food

Once you arrive in Zaragoza, you should not miss El Tubo, probably the most famous street in Zaragoza, where you can find plenty of restaurants serving the famous tapas and bars that liven up the nightlife of the Spanish city. The city is also home to many religious buildings that are worth visiting for their very special architectural elements: the Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar is just one example.

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Choose the One Day trips

Whether you choose the 2,000-year-old villages of Huesca, Monasterio de Piedra or the town where the famous painter Francisco de Goya was born, when you arrive in Zaragoza, look to see what day trips you can squeeze into your plans. You'll be impressed by the Monasterio de Piedra complex, which is home not only to a lush garden but also a luxury hotel, Hotel Monasterio de Piedra.


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