Did you mean Bucharest?

About Bucharest

Have you ever mistaken Budapest for Bucharest? Perhaps the other way around? You’re not the first and you probably won’t be the last.

We know you searched for Budapest, but we’re confident Bucharest is what you’re really looking for. Just hear us out.

In many ways Budapest looks like the perfect holiday destination. Great architecture, good food, cheap drinks and friendly people. It’s all great. If that’s what you’re into. Fine, go ahead. Don’t forget to bring your selfie stick.

When you’re done following the mainstream up and down the river boats of Donau you’re ready to experience Bucharest. As you may have heard we’ve been through a bit of a rough patch. We’ve seen some things. But we came out stronger and we’re eager to show you around our intriguing city.

About Bucharest

Bucharest is indeed a melting pot built up by different cultural backgrounds harmonizing inside this vibrant city that never ceases to amaze. Once you think you’ve got the city figured something completely new happens. There’s always a concert to see, a market to browse or a garden bistro to relax in. Oh, and there’s also the largest recreational, wellness and entertainment centres in all of Europe. It’s awesome.

Did we mention that Romanian food is incredible? Ciorbă, sarmale, branza or mamaliga - dishes that are hard for non-native speakers to pronounce make for the best culinary experiences. Generally speaking, the cuisine consists of a lot of grilled meat but just as the world moves forward, so does Bucharest. There are loads of modern vegetarian restaurants throughout the city with more popping up every day. The food scene in Bucharest is just about to take off, you don’t want to miss out.

The term ”new Berlin” has been widely and loosely used to describe different under-visited European cities on the rise. You could argue that Bucharest fits that description. Maybe Bucharest is in fact the new Budapest, which was the new Kraków, which was the new Belgrade, which was the new Berlin. We can’t keep track of every new Berlin so we really don’t know. Come find out for yourself.

Don’t worry, there are avocado sandwiches and techno raves here too. Forget Budapest, it’s so 2014.

Welcome to Bucharest!