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Discover Romania

Surely, Romania will remain a whimsical lovely memory for a very long time!

Sometimes all you need is an adventure to clear your mind and it’s what we promise you’ll find when trekking the Carpathian mountains.

From snowy peaks which pierce the skies, to hiking trails which lead into the heart of the summit, here you’ll find a variety of breathtaking activities!

Just 3 hours away (by car) from Romania’s Capital, Bucharest, you’ll start your journey into the heart of the country – there is a new experience to be had with every step into the charming landscape.

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About Bucharest

Romanian legend tells that Bucharest was founded on the banks of the Dambovita River by a shepherd named Bucur, whose name means “joy”. By playing the flute he amazed the people, and his wine from nearby vineyards was very popular among the local traders, who gave his name to the place.

As one of Europe’s most up-and-coming destinations, Bucharest has had to react quickly to its newfound status. As a result, there are a bevy of recently opened venues to eat, drink, shop, club and sleep. Not only this, but standards are high and local residents have come to expect only the best.

From Piaţa Universitatii, most sights of interest are easily accessible. The nearby Calea Victoriei is a great starting point for shopping. These two landmarks constitute the central Bucharest area where many of the most well-known restaurants and bars are situated. Walking in this part of the city is the best way to see Bucharest, but do not be afraid to venture further north, east and west to discover many more treasures.

Wander the tree-lined streets, take in some authentic folk art and sample a range of international cuisine. Whether you want traditional Romania or contemporary city life, come and find it all before the rest of the world does.

Bucharest night