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1 hour
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15:10 (local time)

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Mykonos International Airport

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When to visit Mykonos

Mykonos is an island with a romantic image, a real labyrinth, thanks to the narrow, immaculate white streets, paved with stone and adorned with all kinds of flowers and shops, which add a touch of colour and also perfectly complement the cityscape. Discover more details and prepare your visit. 

Mykonos to try

What to see and try in Mykonos

Mykonos is the definition of an Instagramable destination. Windmills are found everywhere on the island, but on the hill of Mykonos they are lined up, becoming towards sunset an attraction for tourists and an excellent setting for photographers. Find out more about what you can see!

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Other important info

Before you travel to Mykonos, you should research all the important information so you can plan your trip. From airport information to pandemic travel, keep in mind all the important details for your holiday.

About Mykonos

Greece can brag about some of the flagship islands, which have gained international fame over the years, thanks to their fairy-tale landscapes, extraordinary culture, delicious cuisine, and great parties, suitable for fun lovers.

One of these is Mykonos, a small island in the Aegean Sea, in the centre of the Cyclades Archipelago, surrounded by Tinos, Syros, Paros and Naxos.

The name of the capital city is also Mykonos, following the Greek tradition of naming the island after the main city. However, it is also known as Chora.

When to visit Mykonos

Wondering what time to choose to visit this island? We come to your help with some tips, trying to give you information about each period, so you can make the right choice for you and your loved ones with whom you choose to travel.

If you are a sun lover, we are happy to tell you that this location enjoys sunshine about 300 days a year. Even though in summer, temperatures can rise to 40℃, the average is around 28℃.

Spring is pleasant, similar to the summer months, with visitors starting to come from April.

In summer, the island starts to get more colourful, the scenery is absolutely spectacular, and from this time onwards the famous parties are organised for fun lovers.

However, if you want some peace and quiet, you can also find quiet beaches where you can relax in peace and quiet.

Also, even in autumn, pleasant temperatures still allow tourists to visit this island, with the cold not yet making an appearance, even though the autumn months are considered the end of the season.

This period is suitable for people who want a quiet holiday, free from the hustle and bustle and the numerous parties of summer.

In September and October, the island of Mykonos takes on a romantic image, becoming a true oasis of calm.

Winter is not very cool, with rain only in February and March.

To see in Mykonos

The capital of Mykonos or Chora - can be considered a real labyrinth, thanks to the narrow streets of immaculate white, paved with stone and adorned with all kinds of flowers and shops, which bring a touch of color and also perfectly complement the cityscape.

In this town you can visit the castle above the harbour, the Museum of Archaeology, Folklore and the Maritime Museum.

Paraportiani Church is the most famous church in Mykonos, thanks to its fabulous exterior, which will create unforgettable memories.
It is built in the form of a jigsaw puzzle, consisting of four small churches, which form the base of the fifth.

Petros, the pelican, is the living mascot of Mykonos, which has a very interesting history. The tradition of the town having a pelican as a mascot has its origins in 1954, when a fisherman found an injured pelican after a storm.
There are now three specimens, one of which was donated by the Hamburg Zoo and another by Jacqueline Kennedy. Since then, this tradition lives on.

Delos is a sacred island for the Greeks, located 2 km from Mykonos. This island is uninhabited and hosts one of the most important archaeological sites in the country, which is part of the UNESCO heritage.

Windmills are found everywhere on the island, but on the hill of Mykonos they are lined up, the most famous in the area, becoming towards sunset a point of attraction for tourists and an excellent setting for photographers.

Little Venice or Little Venice is a somewhat suspended neighborhood at the edge of the sea, and is considered a replica of the city of the Adriatic.

This neighborhood is located close to Alcantra beach, overlooking the Aegean Sea. Many of the colorful houses have become restaurants, and others can be rented by tourists who want an unforgettable experience. 

To try in Mykonos

In Mykonos you will be surprised to find various dishes, suitable even for vegetarians. At the taverns and restaurants in the area you can find both traditional and international dishes, to please even the most demanding tourists.

Here are some of the products, for which the island of Mykonos is famous:

Kopanisti - a salty, spicy cheese with protected designation of origin, produced in Mykonos and other Greek islands for more than 300 years.

Gemista - tomatoes or peppers stuffed with rice

Briam - a kind of fried vegetable stew

Let's not forget the fresh fish meat dishes, which are an important part of Greek cuisine.

Red mullet, pan fried with tomatoes and capers is one of the traditional dishes you can enjoy. You can also find grilled octopus, fried squid and other seafood.

We should not neglect the drinks either, because, as we know, this is the land of Dionysus, and wine has gained a reputation in these parts.

Although for a long time it was thought that ouzo is traditional Turkish, it actually originated in Greece, so if you want to taste this drink directly at "home", now is the right time to do so.

Important info

    • Country: Greece, a member of the European Union and the Schengen Area, does not need a visa
      Official language: Greek
      Currency: EUR
      Time zone: UTC/GMT +1:00 hours, summer time +2:00 hours
      Telephone prefix: +30
      Internet domain: .gr
      Airport: Mykonos Airport serves the island of the same name, and the distance from the airport to the city centre can be covered by several means.

      The local bus runs regularly between the airport and the city centre, and the journey takes just 10 minutes. However, if you want to go to another island in the Cyclades group, you can choose the ferry, which also goes to more distant destinations. Another option is the taxi.

      Information about COVID-19: Entry rules to Zakynthos depend on the rules imposed by the Greek government. Find out the details of the official travel rules in Greece.