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General information

  • Capital: Berlin
  • Political governance: Federal Parliament Republic
  • Member of European Union and Schengen
  • Population: 82.1 million
  • Official language: German
  • Currency: Euro (EUR)
  • Time zone: UTC + 1, Summer time zone: UTC + 2
  • Germany is 1 hour behind Romanian time zone
  • Phone prefix: +49, Internet domain: .de, .eu

Natural setting

Bordered in the north by the Northern and the Baltic Seas and by the Alps, in the south, Germany is the seventh largest country from Europe. The landform is preponderant mountainous, with interesting landscapes which include rocky regions, forests, lakes, spectacular castles and fairy villages hidden in green plains.

Only two hours away from Berlin, you may visit the famous Rakotzbrücke Brisge, in Kromlau Park. Built in XIX century, the bridge has a fascinating structure, which, with the perfect lighting, together with its reflection in the water, creates a perfect stone circle. This attraction point is also known by “ The Devil`s Bridge” due to its architecture, apparently impossible to be built by human kind.

Another spectacular bridge is Bastei, positioned in Sächsische Schweiz National Park, surrounded by remarkable rock formations, or Geierlay, in Hunsrück Mountains, a narrow suspended bridge, 360 metres long, for the adrenaline seekers.

Near the Austrian border, you will discover Königssee lake, perfect for boat rides, and if you are interested of the mountainous area of Germany, you may reach Zugspitze peak (2.962m), the highest in the country, where you may admire a spectacular view of the Alps.

Good to know

German cities have good public transportation networks that use buses, trams and urban/suburban rail lines to move people around. Because the public transportation systems in Germany are usually regional, a ticket for the S-Bahn is usually also valid for a streetcar or bus. On Sundays, almost all shops are closed, including grocery stores. There is no shopping, you are forced to simply enjoy the day. If you urgently need something, you will find shops that are open on Sundays in larger train stations or a at the gas station.




Say what you think!

Germans usually express their needs and feelings directly. You can quickly get to the point, there is no need for small-talk.

traditii germania

Do not forget about complimenting others!

It is custom to leave a tip of 5-10% at a bar or restaurant if the service was good.

traditii germania

Be polite!

Address people with the formal 'you' (Sie). If the familiar 'you' (Du) is fine, they will let you know.

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