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The United Kingdom of

Great Britain and Northern Ireland

General Information

  • Capital: London
  • Political system: Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
  • State member of the European Union
  • Population: 65.6 million
  • Official language: English
  • Currency: Pound Sterling (GBP)
  • Time Zone: UTC, Summer Time: UTC + 1
  • Great Britain is with 2 hours behind Romania
  • Phone Prefix: +44, Internet Domain: .uk

Natural Settings

The United Kingdom of England and North Ireland is formed from England, Wales, Scotland and North Ireland. With one of the largest coast areas in the world and with an extremely varied landforms, from rocky mountains to green hills, wild beaches and numerous islands, the United Kingdom of England and North Ireland attracts a very impressive number of tourists.

Starting from London, you can discover numerous natural attractions, including the Seven Sisters, a row of white cliffs covered by vegetation, near the English Channel. The sights in the area are stunningly beautiful and are worth the time spent visiting. A similar coastline can be found near Dover, by visiting the famous White Cliffs of Dover.

At just an hour and a half from London, you will find numerous beaches, if you are interested in spending a few hours in nature, far away from any urban noise. Camber Sands in Sussex, West Wittering close to Chichester or Cuckmere Haven in Seaford, are just a few of these destinations. Don’t forget about the fascinating villages of England which will enchant you with their unique personality.

If the Camber Sands beach is a perfect idea for a day outside of London, in the proximity you will find the amazing city of Rye, an important shipping center built in Roman times. Found at just 2 hours away from London, you can also visit Cotswolds, named the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Aside the typical English landscape, here you will find villages which still hold the old architecture.

Other remarkable areas are Lake District National Park, the largest national park in all of England, which is part of the UNESCO Heritage Sites and Snowdonia National Park, a spectacular mountain region of Wales. Both national park can be found at just 2 hours distance from Liverpool.

Good to know

You have not been to the UK until you have drunk a pint in a traditional pub. Word of advice, order a pint (nothing smaller) and if you’re drinking the local brew of cask ales, be aware that these are warmer than the usual beer, and also lack fizz. How do you know if it’s a traditional pub, you ask. They have these cask ales, as well as upholstered stools, wooden panel walls and the smell of home cooked food mixed in with old carpet that has experienced a spillage or two.


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Don`t panic!

“Are you alright?” means “hello, how are you?” So, don’t start checking yourself in fear of a disheveled look, they're just being polite.

maniere Marea Britanie

Mind your manners!

Manners is paramount and swearing is only accepted (just) at the football grounds or while watching your team lose in the local pub.

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The more you know...

Guinness is both a meal and a drink.

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