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General Information

  • Capital: Dublin
  • Political system: Parliamentary Democracy
  • Member of the European Union
  • Population: 4.7 million
  • Official language: Irish, English
  • Currency: Euro (EUR)
  • Time zone: UTC, Summer Time: UTC + 1
  • Ireland is 2 hours behind Romania
  • Phone prefix: +353, Internet domain: .ie

Natural Setting

Ireland’s territory occupies most of the Island of Ireland, being surrounded by water: in the south, by the Celtic Sea, in the west, Atlantic Ocean, in the east, by the Irish Sea. In the north-east it borders with North Ireland which is part of the United Kingdom.

Renown for spectacular rock areas, wild beaches and the intense green of the hills, and also for the castles of older times and happy pubs, Ireland deserves o closer look and numerous exploration field trips. The most popular natural settings in Ireland can be found in the Cliffs of Moher, at just a few hours from Dublin. The spectacular rocks of the Atlantic Ocean offer stunning views from any angle, with abrupt chasms and an intense green vegetation. Nothing compares to a sunset in the Cliffs of Moher area.

In the south of Dublin, you will find the National Killarney Park, famous for its landscapes with lakes, waterfalls and dense forests. Here, you’ll find the Ross Castle, dating from the XV century, an interest point for those seeking ghost stories. Another attraction is the Torc Waterfall, found at the base of Mount Torc. If you you’ll have the opportunity to arrive in the Dingle area, Inch Beach will await you with vast strips of sand, and the pubs and restaurants in the area will unveil their gastronomical secrets with you.

Good to know

The Irish are known for their humour and outstanding wit and they even have a name for it “the craic” [pronounced crack]. Whilst being eloquent and witty speakers, they are also known for their quirky jokes. Being able to find humour often in self-deprecating or ironic ways is what the Irish take pride with mostly. Also, don’t be surprised to see many folk trading insults and teasing one another (called “slagging”) with people whom they are close with.



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Don`t brag!

Modesty is highly appreciated by the Irish and being loud or having the tendency to brag can be seen as suspicious behavior. It is safe to say that they dislike any type of superiority complex.

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Pub etiquette

While in Ireland, be prepared to hear this word a lot: “rounds”! When going out at a pub or bar to drink, it is considered normal in the Irish culture to buy a round of drinks for everyone else and turning down a drink can sometimes be understood as insulting.

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About tipping

Tipping isn’t a must in Ireland as it is elsewhere. This is because most restaurants already apply a service charge which replaces the tip, but if you’ve really enjoyed your time and have had a good service an additional bonus of 10-15% is about right to leave.


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