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General Information

  • Capital:  Jerusalim
  • Political system: Mayor-council
  • Population: 8.7 million
  • Official language: Hebrew, Arabic
  • Currency: new Shekel (ILS)
  • Time zone: UTC + 2, Summer Time: UTC + 3
  • Jerusalem has the same official hours as Romania
  • Phone prefix: +972, Internet domain: .il

Natural setting

Found in the Middle East, at the Mediterranean Sea, Israel is one of the most fascinating travel destination with impressive culture and traditions, while also having stunning natural landscapes.

The largest urban centers of Israel can be found on the plains of the coast line. This unfolds parallel to the Mediterranean Sea, being composed especially of sand dunes and arable lands. Israel is crossed by mountain ranges, the landforms including barren rocks and fertile valleys.

After getting to Tel Aviv, you’ll discover a dynamic and cosmopolitan city, with extend beaches, fine sand and numerous restaurants where you can try the tastiest dishes. At just an hour distance going by car from Tel Aviv you’ll reach Jerusalem, considered the Holy City in the Cristian, Muslim and Jewish beliefs.

One of the most beautiful areas in the country is the Dead Sea, a lake with a very high salinity and is the lowest body of water on Earth.

Other natural attractions in Israel are: the Hula Valley, situated in the north, the Ramon Crater which can be seen from the sky, from a hot air balloon, and the Golan mountain region.

Good to know

Israel is a small country, but also one that is extremely rich in history and culture. Together with Jordan, Egypt and the Palestinian Territories, Israel is part of the Holy Land and thus has some fantastic sites on offer for travelers looking to explore more of the Middle East. Here’s a few of the common words you’ll need to know before you go to Israel: Hello/Goodbye – Shalom, Please – Bevakashah, Thank you – Toda, English? – Anglit?, Yes – Ken, No – Lo.

If you are looking for places to go, be sure not to miss popular attractions if you are religious and looking to visit sites referenced in the Bible, Torah or Qur’an, then you will find endless sites of interest throughout Israel. These sites differ for each religion, however Jerusalem has an important significance to all three religions and absolutely should not be missed.


traditii israel

Try eating healthy food

You might not expect a dip to be healthy, but hummus is actually pretty healthy and originates from Israel. With every meal, you will get a plate of hummus either as a starter or as a main dish. It is pretty normal for Israeli’s to have a Hummus lunch.

traditii israel

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A trip to Israel is not complete if you didn’t try 281 dishes in 1 week! A good thing to know before you travel here because ordering a main dish for yourself is considered weird and will raise some eyebrows since people usually share their food.

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The city looks better at night

The best Israel travel tip is to see this city at night. Tel Aviv’s beauty comes out at night with amazing stories and an epic nightlife! The cool thing is that due to the unlimited bars, clubs and restaurants, the city is bustling everywhere.