Efforts taken by Blue Air to resume flight operations

Bucharest,  September 15th, 2022

Blue Air turnaround, i.e. the recovery of passenger air transport operations, requires close cooperation and support from all commercial partners, as well as from all public institutions and authorities in Romania, as the efforts of the executive management, the Board of Directors and the shareholders of the company will be insufficient in the absence of this collaboration.


Blue Air expresses the permanent availability of the company's executive management to provide all necessary information and communications, and to participate in all necessary discussions with decision-makers in public institutions and authorities that can help the company's recovery, in an unified and organized manner.


We would like to clarify that so far, following discussions with Blue Air's executive management, we can confirm the support received from the majority of airports in other countries, including airports in Italy, Israel, Spain, UK, as well as fuel suppliers in these airports, in order to be able to resume providing services to Blue Air, under the condition of payment in advance of the services provided, and we are counting on the same support from airports in Romania: Bacău, Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest-Otopeni and Iași.


In view of the passenger air transport suspension from September 6th to October 9th, 2022, we inform you that the total number of passengers affected by flight cancellations during this period is approximately 230,000, representing approximately 77,000 flight bookings.


The refund of all amounts owed to passengers for tickets purchased depends crucially on the resumption of Blue Air's operations and sales activity, and, as we have stated in previous press releases, another key factor is the cash contribution made by one of the two investors with whom we are in discussions.


All passengers were notified of the cancellation of their flights and were given 3 options: reaccommodation on the next available flight, refund to their wallet (Blue Air offering a 25% bonus of the purchased ticket value as compensation for the inconvenience caused to our passengers) or ticket refund.


In the last few days, more than 17,500 wallets have been created, representing EUR 1,900,000, and passengers who have chosen this option will be able to use the money to purchase tickets as soon as we activate the sales process. 


We would also like to thank the Romanian Government and the Romanian National Company TAROM S.A. for their support during this difficult period for Blue Air.

As soon as possible we will come back with details on how Blue Air will resume passenger air transport activity, depending on the results of the negotiations with investors and the willingness of the authorities to support us in this difficult process.