Travel restrictions? Canceled flight? 

We may not be able to predict the unpredictable or find the COVID19 vaccine before anyone else, but we do our best to make it easier for you to get over the discomfort of your cancelled trip. If you want to reschedule your flight, you have the option to change your travel dates once, free of charge. However, if you decide that you no longer want to travel, you have the option to request a refund of the amount paid on the canceled flight. Blue Air has simplified the refund procedure. Now everything is super easy, in just 8 steps:

Step 1:

Go to click on Manage my Booking from menu. Click on Find my Booking. Then press REQUEST WALLET REFUND.

Step 2:

Select the flight for which you are requesting a refund, then click on CONTINUE.

Step 3:

Log into your Blue Air account. If you do not have your account created yet, please create one, then Login. 

Step 4:

Confirm your contact details, then press SEND.

Step 5: 

Check your phone. You received an SMS with a unique validation code on the phone number that you provided.

Step 6:

Enter the code received by SMS to confirm payment.

Step 7: 

Success! Your code was validated. The amount was credited to the Blue Air Wallet.

Pasul 8:

You can now check the amount available in My Profile.

Important to know

The funds remain available for 24 months in your e-wallet and you can rely on them to purchase new Blue Air flights and services in the future.

The amount is visible in My Profile and can be used in the payment step.

Download User Guide for Refund to Blue Wallet

Refund to Blue Wallet