Flight Safety is Essential

Safety is and will remain our number one priority. We are fully committed to ensuring our passengers enjoy safe journeys and making sure that all those that work with us and for us have a safe working environment. We continually develop and upgrade our safety procedures to ensure customers, employees and suppliers alike can be confident in the safety and security of our operations.

The company is IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) certified by the International Air Transportation Association (IATA) for its outstanding operational standards and it is a full IATA member. The IOSA program is an internationally recognized and accepted evaluation system designed to assess the operational management and control systems of an airline. During the audit, which involves approximately 900 standards and recommended practices the following areas are assessed: flight operations, operational control and flight dispatch, aircraft engineering and maintenance, cabin operations, ground handling operations, cargo operations and security management.

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Unacceptable behavior on board the aircraft

Any person who commits any of the following acts on board a civil aircraft, from the moment the aircraft door is closed, before take-off, until it is open, after landing, and during its processing, regardless of the flow or the terminal in which it is located, is considered to be a turbulent person:

  • aggression, intimidation or threat that may endanger public order on board the aircraft or the safety and security of persons or property
  • aggression, intimidation, physical or verbal threat against a crew member that overlaps with the performance of the crew member’s duties or reduces his ability to perform his duties
  • deliberate impropriety or damage to the aircraft, its equipment, its structure and related equipment, and which may endanger public order and state of calm on board the aircraft or the safety and security of persons and property
  • intentional communication of false information that jeopardizes the safety and security of the aircrafti
  • the refusal to comply with a legal instruction given by the pilot in command of an aircraft or by a crew member, on his behalf, to ensure the safety and security of the aircraft, of persons and property on board or to maintain order and discipline
  • refusal to comply with the law on smoking ban on board the aircraft.

Unruly passengers are the category of passengers that pose a threat to flight safety and are generally people suffering from psychological disorders, passengers intoxicated with alcohol or other substances prohibited by law or extremist religious people. If any of the acts classified as unlawful interference occurs or there is an attempt during the flight, the pilot in command or the senior cabin crew member must be informed as soon as possible.

Under the Tokyo Convention and according to the above, the pilot in command of the aircraft:

    • will forbid the access on board of a person intoxicated with alcohol or drugs if this could jeopardize the safety of the aircraft or its occupants
    • has the authority to remove any person or any part of the cargo that he/she considers to be a potential hazard to the safety of the aircraft or its occupants
    • can decide to land at the nearest airport to remove the unruly passengers from the aircraft.

These the unruly passengers will be solely responsible for the cost of changing the flight schedule and their tickets will be cancelled. After landing, the behavior of the unruly passengers will be reported to the police for a possible contravention or criminal pursuit.


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