Pets on Board

Wondering what you can pack and how large or heavy it can be? Don’t worry!
Here, we explain everything you need to know about carry-on and checked-in luggage.

Travel with your pet

You can now book your next flight without a care since there is no need to leave the most beloved family member at home. We can transport small sized animals, cats and dogs, of up to 6kg including the cage or soft sided carrier (in the cabin) and medium sized pets up to 32kg (cage + pet-> in the plane’s haul).

In case you are wondering what steps are required, don’t worry – everything is simple! First, be sure to respect the following imposed European norms:

  • your pet must have a microchip implanted under the skin
  • a health card
  • a passport issued by the vet
  • an up-to-date rabies shot

About Bucharest

Your pet must be transported in an IATA certified cage, which should not be larger than 45 x 30 x 23 cm for cabin transport. For the haul transportation, please check this link to find out the imposed conditions.

When travelling with your pet in the cabin, you’re going to transport the cage under the front seat and you will be seated in the last rows of the plane. For safety reasons, if you have two (or more) pets, you can only transport one in the cabin with you.

If the total weight of the animal + the cage exceeds the designated 32 kg, a tax of 60 EUR/ 60 GBP will be imposed, tax that can be paid only during check-in formalities.

Important: on flights to/from Cologne, to United Kingdom and from Luton (London), live animals are not allowed in the passenger cabin or in the baggage compartment. For flights departing from Ireland, live animals are not accepted in the baggage compartment (AVIH), only in the passenger cabin (PETC).