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Blue Air is happy to announce a new partnership with Travelfusion, an industry leader in Direct Connect travel distribution systems and the world's largest technology and content supplier for travel meta search solutions. In partnership with Travelfusion and with the use of Travelfusion's technologies, Blue Air now offers developers the option to integrate directly with our content using a Direct Connect XML API.

What is it?

The Blue Air Direct Connect XML API allows authorised travel partners direct and easy access to content from Blue Air. With a rich set of functions and versatile integration capabilities, the Direct Connect XML API system allows you to link directly between your system and our online booking system. With real-time availability and fully automated booking processes, this innovative system is constantly updated and is backed by a technical support team. This system adds value for customers by allowing for choice, control and flexibility, an easy exchange of information and fresh, up-to-date content.

How does it work?

See below for a chart explaining the process flow:

Tavel fusion A.P.I. chart

Unique selling points and advantages for your agency:

  • Search - manages the search, referral and tracking of all meta search and affiliate traffic of the airline/rail fares.
  • Air Extras - a single XML call to receive the FULL list and ancillary service costs (e.g. baggage, online check in, speedy boarding, card fees and more) at the first search stage - enabling an easy comparison with full network airlines and total journey fees.
  • Comprehensive third party distribution channel tools - easy to use administration tools, management reports for third parties as well as performance analysis for airlines/rail operators.
  • Global Support - Travelfusion has offices in London and Shanghai and runs a 24/7 support service covering all aspects of the system and booking operations.

How do I access it?


The first step to integrating the Direct Connect XML API is to register to use the service by creating a login and password here.

Terms and Conditions

Use of the Blue Air Direct Connect XML API is subject to a 2€ fee per booking made, a standard annual license fee for maintenance and support, and also requires a full understanding and approval of the specified legal terms and conditions. For more information about these specifications or to enter into an agreement to use the Direct Connect XML API, please contact [email protected].



For technical requirements and specifications, please click here for more information and detailed development documents.


To address any issues, concerns or questions, please contact the XML API support team by emailing [email protected]. A member of the team will be back in touch with you as soon as possible to offer any support you may need.

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