Voucher terms & conditions

Voucher valid only for Blue Air’s airline services available on www.flyblueair.com.

The voucher (unique code) holder will have the following voucher usage options:

Vouchers cannot be combined (only one voucher can be used per booking).

The voucher can only be used once.

The voucher cannot be used to obtain discounts for airplane tickets below 47 euro per flight segment.

The voucher can only be used to book Blue Air flights and not for other extra services (luggage, meals, bus transfers, etc.) or additional costs resulting from changes to Blue Air bookings (date change, name change, etc.).

If the value of the purchased ticket exceeds the value of the voucher, the voucher user will pay the cost difference.

The voucher expires 30 days after it has been sent to the beneficiary.

The discount voucher can be used on any regular route operated by the Blue Air airline except:

  • Flights operated as Territorial Continuity in Italy;
  • Charter flights;
  • Code share flights.

Vouchers are transferable meaning that they may be passed on to others, but once they are used, any change of name, date or route will be subject to the Blue Air ticketing rules specified in the Blue Air Travel Conditions published on www.flyblueair.com.

The value of a voucher is 10 euro, or the equivalent in the currency chosen for the payment.