Blue Air Charters

During this period, in which many areas are temporarily subject to flight restrictions and for which regular flights are no longer available, Blue Air will operate charter flights and will come in support of:

  •  - Romanian authorities, in the effort to repatriate the Romanian citizens who work seasonally abroad and who are affected by the drastic restriction of activities, as well as those who are there in special situations

     - Companies that choose to continue their activity and deliver the contracted products or services, for which the transport of persons is necessary (labor force, contractors, collaborators, seasonal workers)

The offer for charter flights is conditional on obtaining all the necessary authorizations (flight authorizations, sanitary, etc.).

The following mentions are very important:

 - it is the responsibility of the charter flight contractor to ensure that the passengers fulfill the conditions of entry into the country, required by the state in whose territory the flight is made,

 - the charter flight contractor must inform the passengers about the conditions regarding the entry into the territory of the state of destination (quarantine, isolation at home, etc.),

 - Blue Air charter flights can be planned with a minimum of 48 hours before being performed, due to the multiple restrictions and authorizations required during this period.


For more information about travel restrictions in UE member states, please check the following website:



Request a personalized offer by completing the form below or by email at: [email protected] mentioning: the route, dates and number of seats requiered. 

Blue Air launched the FlyYouHome programe to operate charter flights to bring home romanian citizens.

Blue Air charter flights can be contracted by both national authorities and private companies. Blue Air will provide charter planes with a minimum of 48 hours notice between the date of the charter flight and the the date the charter flight was requested. 

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