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About Tirana

The 1992 elections in Albania ended 47 years of communist rule. The shaking off of the restrictive weight of the communist regime is expressed in the attitudes of freedom and fun found in the Albanian people, and the untamed colour schemes of the newly redecorated buildings here are a visual demonstration of this energetic rebirth. The oppression that stifled life here for years has been discarded and a "new lease on life" attitude is evident in this city.

Tirana itself is an enticing mix of stern Soviet Bloc cement buildings, Ottoman minarets and 1930's Italian architecture, which juxtapose the wild colour schemes of newer buildings that have been redecorated by local artists. The religious buildings in Tirana are a wonderful mix of Christian and Muslim shrines, which speaks to its varied heritage and multi-cultural present. There is also a pulsing nightlife scene and Tirana is famous for its all night café culture.

Municipality of Tirana and Palace of Culture - Albania
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Good to know

Public Transport

The heart of the city is not too big to explore by foot, but if your feet are sore and you are tired there are a number of intra-city bus lines both going round the city and to and from the shopping centres. The tickets are cheap but keep in mind that the buses don't go fast.

For longer bus journeys there are shared buses/mini-vans called "furgons" that depart for a destination once they are filled with passengers. Because of the ongoing construction in Tirana the bus and furgon depots change regularly, so it is very important to check the locations with your hotel.


220 volts, 50HZ AC

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