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About Turin

Turin is ideally located at the foot of the Alps, which you will have the chance to admire from anywhere in the city. The city has its roots in the 20th century industrialisation and in the struggle for democracy and progress of that period. But today, in particular after the Olympic Games of 2006, Turin has turned into a lively and coloured place awash of students and young workers, also thanks to the University and the Polytechnic of Turin - the best in Italy.

The struggle to unify Italy started in Piedmont, which is why Turin became the country’s first capital city, but before that it was the centre of the Savoy Reign. Thanks to this noble family, Turin is rich in history and art of every sort. In addition, having been the centre of Italian automation during the 20th century, the city is also an important hub for contemporary arts, in particular for design and movie making.

Piazza Castello, Torino, Italy
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Public Transport

GTT Company manages the public transport network in Turin. This network consists of charming trams, trains, one subway line and about 100 bus lines, also covering the suburbs and the towns nearby. GTT also has a number of tourist services like the historic Superga rack tramway, boats on the river Po and City Sightseeing buses.

Daily/weekly/monthly passes and multi-day tickets are available in any tobacconist and newsstand of the city, or you can buy them from the vending machines in the metro stops. Do not forget to stamp your ticket once in the vehicle.


220 Volts/50 Hz. Standard European plugs.

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