Blue Air New Bundles

Cosa c'è da sapere sulle nostre nuove famiglie tariffarie


Abbiamo semplificato le nostre tariffe, rendendole più facili e convenienti, dandoti allo stesso tempo la flessibilità di costruire la tua offerta personalizzata in base a ciò di cui hai bisogno per il tuo viaggio.

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Blue Air Cabin Bag Policy


Abbiamo apportato alcune modifiche alla nostra politica sui bagagli a mano per contribuire a migliorare l'imbarco e la puntualità e dare ai clienti la certezza di ciò che possono portare a bordo. 

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Abbiamo creato un nuovo modo per aiutarvi a pianificare la vostra prossima vacanza, riservando qualsiasi posto disponibile sull'aereo al momento della prenotazione del biglietto.  

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I nostri pacchetti in sintesi

Small cabin bag
max. 10 kg
(40x30x20 cm)
Large cabin bag
max. 10 kg
(55x40x20 cm)
Checked-in luggage

up to 23 kg

up to 32 kg
Standard Seat Selection,
excludes extra legroom
seats and rows 1-4

Any seat,
including extra legroom
and rows 1- 4
Online Check-in
FREE 24 hours before flight

FREE 30 days before flight

FREE 30 days before flight
Airport Check-in
Priority boarding
FLEX Option

Unlimited date changes

Blue Air sta lanciando nuove famiglie di tariffe più amichevoli per offrirti un modo migliore di volare:
più opzioni, più flessibilità e una migliore corrispondenza alle tue esigenze.

Benefici delle nostre nuove famiglie tariffarie:
√ TRASPARENZA: una struttura più semplice e diretta
√ RISPARMI: paghi solo quello di cui hai veramente bisogno
√ LIBERTA': maggiore scelta per personalizzare il tuo viaggio

New Blue Air bundles

Frequently Asked Questions


√ lowest fare available for selected flights

√ one small piece of cabin baggage (40x30x20cm) of maximum 10 kg

√ free online check-in available 24 hours before departure


√ lowest fare available for selected flights

√ one small piece of cabin baggage (40x30x20cm) of maximum 10 kg

√ one luggage 23 Kg (100x80x30cm)

√ free selection of standard seats - rows 5-32 (except Extra legroom seats)

√ free online check-in online - available with 30 days before departure

√ free airport check-in


√ lowest fare available for selected flights

√ one small piece of cabin baggage (40x30x20cm) of maximum 10 kg

√ 32 kg hold baggage (100x80x30cm)

√ priority boarding + one large cabin bag (55x40x20cm) of 10 kg premium seat, including front row and extra legroom seats

√ unlimited changes of flight data for free

√ free airport check-in free online check-in - available 30 days before departure

Blue Air is committed to constantly improving our product portfolio, aiming to better align its offering to the needs of the customers. We listened to your needs and feedback and we are simplifying our fares, making them easier and more affordable, whilst giving you the flexibility to build your personalized offer based on what you need for each specific trip you take.

Any booking reservations made before May 5 remain valid and you continue to benefit from the services originaly included in that respective fare at the time of booking, unless you voluntarily decide to change your flight date and/or upgrade to a differnet bundle fare.

If you are not the person who made the reservation, please contact the person who made the reservation for you to receive all the necessary details.

All booking reservations made on or after May 5 are subject to the new fare conditions and services included in your reservation will be the newly published ones.

We’ve made some changes to our cabin bag policy to help improve boarding and punctuality and give customers certainty of what they are allowed to bring on board.

All of our fares include a small cabin bag, which you can take for free into the cabin, providing it fits under the seat in front of you and it complies with the maximum size of 40x30x20cm (including any handles or wheels) and maximum weight of 10kg. That should be enough to fit all the essentials for your journey or for a short trip.

Should you need additional hand luggage such as a trolley, you can opt for BlueBIZ fare family or for purchasing our Priority Boarding service, additionally to the BlueBASIC or BluePLUS.

This service allows you not only to board the plane with priority over the rest of the passengers, but also to take with you on board a second luggage, with the maximum measures of 55x40x20cm and maximum weight of 10kg. This must fit in the overhead compartment).

We are trying our best to ensure consistency and transparency throughout your experience with us. For that and for safety reasons, our staff has been trained and informed to conduct thorough checks to ensure all customers are complying with all mentioned regulations and rules. If you arrive at the gate with a bag that exceeds your allowance, it will have to be placed in the hold and will be subject to a charge.

An upgrade to a more permissive fare family or the purchasing of the priority boarding service, as well as other ancillary products that enhance your trip, can be selected at the time of booking, or at any time before you check-in via Manage my bookings on our website or by calling our Call Center. Please note that the price of the ancillary may be higher if purchasing it later (post-booking or at the airport).

Please note that the upgrade to BlueBIZ is subject to inventory availability and this could not be always available for purchase after the initial booking.

We would like to make sure all customers of the booking are equally comfortable. For that reason, all self-service upgrades are welcome and available for all passengers of the same booking but not for one person in the reservation. If you must upgrade for one person in the reservation exclusively, please contact our Call Center.

If a customer purchased Blue Air priority boarding (or is entitled to priority boarding via the BlueBIZ fare family), both the free small cabin (max. size 40 x 30 x 20 cm) and the large cabin bag (max. 55 x 40 x 23 cm) can be brought into the cabin. Both bags will be guaranteed to travel with you in the cabin area unless it is not possible due to operational reasons.

The luggage will be placed in the hold free of charge and you can collect it at the baggage belt at the arrival airport.

If priority service is sold-out, we recommend that passengers either purchase BlueBIZ (as it includes Priority Boarding), add a checked-in bag to their booking, or pack smart and only bring a small cabin bag only (max. size 40 x 30 x 20 cm). All non-priority passengers are still entitled to bring on board one free small cabin bag of max. size 40 x 30 x 20 cm.

Blue Air provides all passengers the online check-in service free of charge. BlueBASIC customers can complete their online check-in process as soon as it becomes available, which is 24 hours prior to departure.

BluePLUS and BlueBIZ customers can check-in online for free too, this becoming available 30 days prior to flight departure.

Only BluePLUS and BlueBIZ customers can opt for free check-in at the airport. Should a BlueBASIC customer decide not to use the online check-in and report for check-in at the airport, the customer will be charged an additional fee.

You can choose upgrade to BluePLUS or BlueBIZ in order to have free check-in at the airport.

Our new policy implies that free check-in at the airport is available for BluePLUS and BlueBIZ customers, any other customer intending to check-in at the airport will be charged an additional fee.

• For a limited time, all our fare families have included the Flex service for free, allowing one free change, with no penalty (any fare difference to be collected if applicable).

• Outside this period, passengers will be able to purchase the Flex service during the booking process, together with the BlueBASIC and the BluePLUS, from ticketing offices, from partner agencies or via the call center, for a fee.

• The BlueBIZ fare family already allows passengers unlimited changes of their flight date without paying the change fee.

• Passengers will pay the fare difference between the initial flight and the newly selected flight, if any, as well as the fees difference valid for the new travel dates, at the time of rebooking.

• Passengers can reserve any seat available in the aircraft upon the ticket reservation, subject to flight safety or security compliance.

• BlueBASIC customers must purchase their preferred seat, alternatively they will be automatically assigned a random seat at check-in.

• BluePLUS customers can choose to sit for free in any of the standard seats (excluding extra legroom seats and rows 1-4) available on the plane. Extra legroom seats and front rows are also available at an extra cost.

• BlueBIZ customers have higher flexibility, being able to choose to sit in any available passenger seat on the aircraft, including extra legroom and front row seats, at no extra cost.

• You will be able to select any seat in the aircraft, subject to availability and safety restrictions. Front seats are located at the front of the aircraft and allow you to be amongst the first to exit the aircraft after landing.

• Extra legroom seats have more leg space for a more comfortable journey. For safety reasons, passengers under 16, passengers requiring special assistance, pregnant passengers, passengers travelling with pets and passengers travelling with infants cannot be seated in an emergency exit row or a front row.

Travelling is better when you can sit next to your partners, for that reason, we are trying our best to ensure that all customers from the same booking are being sat together in adjacent seats. However, please note t this may not be possible in certain cases, thus we recommend choosing your seats in advance to secure your sitting together.

If your flight was moved to a different day and you already paid for your seats, please select a new seat online in the same price category. If you choose a more expensive seat, you only need to pay the price difference. If you select cheaper seats, no refund is possible as fees and services are non-refundable.

The fee you paid for seat selection is non-refundable. You can either accept the seats assigned automatically for your new flight free of charge or select a seat from a different seating category for the applicable fee. In this case you only need to pay the price difference between the two seats. If you accept the assigned seats, or if you select seats with a value lower than your balance, the remaining balance can be used for buying other services.