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About Menorca

Menorca, the most eastern isle of Spain’s Balearic Islands, is only 48 kilometres long and 20 kilometres wide but it still manages to pack in over 100 beaches along its coastline – more than Ibiza and Mallorca combined. Consequently, unfurling a towel and soaking up the rays are the most prevalent thoughts of the thousands of holidaymakers who touch down at Mahón Airport during the six-month season. And indeed, Menorca is a perfect place to go snorkelling and to discover hidden caves. You can also get spectacular views of the stunning coastline, and the island's marvellous nature by either hiking on Monte Toro, its highest peak, or by a going on a horseback excursion. The reward of any activity is always a breathtaking view, and on a clear day, you can even see all the way to Mallorca.

However, Menorca has a lot more to offer than just sandy beaches, amazing landscapes and its beautiful coastline. Take a stroll to the historic cities to see the architectural heritage of the British occupation or the medieval era: to Fort Marlborough with its gloomy tunnels, to La Mola or to Cathedral Ciudadella, a beautiful church with lovely stonework and stained glass windows. On top of that, you can sample one of the best legacies of the British ruling: locally distilled gin.

Hiking path along the coast in Menorca, Spain


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Public Transport

The bus company TMSA covers a variety of routes on the island but cars, motorbikes or bicycles are also suitable means of transport, with roads that are generally well signposted – there are also cycle lanes on some of the minor roads. Keep in mind that several of the more popular coves are only accessible by private roads, and a small toll may be charged.


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